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How It Works

Ordering Process

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Complimentary Consultation in the Twin Cities, Minnesota.


Browse Online

Anywhere, anytime. Everything is right online.

To Receive an Estimate

T. Aletta will need to know a few detail about your wedding so that we can give you an estimate. As we produce your stationery, things may change and estimates will be adjusted throughout the process. 

How Many Households? 

How many households + 10% for extras and you = total wedding invitations 


Print Method? 

We offer 10 different ways to print


Paper or Papers?

What paper will you print on? Will you add a matte or pocket fold?


Stationery Needs?

Invitation, Envelope, and RSVP. Would you like an envelope with your RSVP? Would you like to include an Accommodations card? What about Programs, table numbers and seating cards? 




What design do you love? All designs can reflect your colors and typefaces. 100% Custom design is available as well.





Add ribbon, buckle slides, paper wrap and more to reflect your wedding day.






Production Time

Approve Estimate

Once T. Aletta receives a non-refundable deposit or payment in full, we will begin production on your stationery.


Submit your wedding wording ASAP.

​Begin to collect guest's addresses and/or update addresses.

From initial consultation to estimate approval, past clients have taken 3 days to two weeks.


Digital Production

Receive your first digital proof within 5 business day. Review and send back any changes you may have.

Past clients have taken 1 - 6 weeks for this stage of production.








Once all of your stationery is 100% perfect, T. Aletta will collect your signature on your stationery. We do not go to press without it!









Pre-Press Files

Press ready files are created within 3 business days of final signature.







Printing, Cutting & Inspection

Files are off to the printer where printing and cutting begins. Once your stationery is back into T. Aletta's hands, we inspect your stationery and pull out any lemons.

Printing, cutting and inspection of stationery can take up to 10 days. Rush your order ($100.00 fee) for as little as 5 days.



 Final Assembly

Depending on what you selected, will determine how your final stationery pieces are created.

Shipped to you

Everything all packed up and shipped free to you by USPS.




Assembled & Shipped to you

T. Aletta will hand assemble your layered stationery and ship it to you for you to add the finishing touches and mailing.



Assembled & Mailed to Guests

T. Aletta will assemble, stuff, stamp, seal, and send all of your wedding invitations to your guests. Any left over invitations will be mailed to you for free by USPS.



Terms & Conditions


A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required in order to begin the creative process. If you are looking for a quote, please contact T. Aletta for your complimentary estimate request.

Found a package on our website that is perfect? You may purchase that package, and that will act as your non-refundable deposit.

Once all of your stationery pieces have been selected and a final estimate has been approve, either half now, half before print is due, or you may pay in full (less the $100.00 non-refundable deposit). Once a payment has been made, we will begin the creative process.


All deposits received, will put your stationery in our production queue. T. Aletta has peak and low season, inquire were we are at to see how quickly we can produce your stationery.

Order Placement

All packages ordered online are considered an order. The purchase of a package is your deposit to move forward with the creative process. Once T. Aletta has all of the upgrades and add-ons, T. Aletta will make the adjustments and send you an invoice with the new balance.

Either half now, half before print is due, or you may pay in full (less the $100.00 non-refundable deposit). Once a payment has been made, we will begin the creative process.

If we have been communicating through email, an invoice will be emailed to you and can be paid online.

Either half now, half before print is due, or you may pay in full (less the $100.00 non-refundable deposit). Once a payment has been made, we will begin the creative process.

​If we meet in person, cash or credit card payments are accepted.

Either half now, half before print is due, or you may pay in full (less the $100.00 non-refundable deposit). Once a payment has been made, we will begin the creative process.

Custom Orders

If you have browsed through our designs, and couldn't find what you are looking for, but love our design style, request a custom design!

Here's the scoop on custom design. If you would like your custom design to be yours and only yours, a $35.00 per hour design fee plus paper and print fees will incur. If you don't mind sharing your design with other future couples, then you can waive the hourly fee, and the paper and print fee will be due.

$100.00 non-refundable deposit is required to begin creative.  

Digital Proofs

T. Aletta will email you free digital proofs for you to review within 3-5 business days. If it's your first digital proof, please allow 5 business days.

All clients receive their own personal portal. This is where you will find your invoice, digital proofs, timelines, wording and more. All digital proofs will be emailed to you with a link to view online or in your portal. There will be comment boxes for you to request changes. Nothing goes to print until you sign off on your stationery. For a physical proof of your stationery can be arranged upon request, if there is time and for an additional fee.

Making Changes and possible additional fees

Yes we can change the colors, the typeface, and do minor layout adjustments - these are all included with the cost of the stationery.

T. Aletta will make as many revisions to your stationery as needed. Should T. Aletta feel that the revision requests become out of control, a $35.00 per revision fee will be billed to you.  T. Aletta requests that you make the majority of your revisions in 2-3 reviews. Sending back one revisions at a time is not allowed, and will be charge $35.00 per revision.

Envelope printing is a flate fee. We do not charge an additional fee for printing each guests name. Please refer to the above about revisions, same rule applies.

Print Approval

Nothing goes to print without a signature. This is industry standard. T. Aletta requires a signature on every piece with the exception of each guests name envelope printing.

Payment must be paid in full. We do not go to press until we have received payment. If you have day of stationery, that will be due before going to press for those pieces.

Turn Around Time

Please  review the information above, as it's the best guide for turn-around time. T. Aletta has worked with clients who have gone to press within 2 weeks. While other have gone to press from 2 weeks to 6 weeks.

It all depends on what you are ordering, how quickly emails are responded to, gathering wording and addresses (this takes the longest for most of my clients). Then just making paper, printing and design choices of the stationery set.

T. Aletta works with you to help you find the right papers, and printing that fit within your budget. And yes, we do get carried away and offer a world of options that can be created.  

The sooner you start, the more options you have, and it will be less stressful.

​9 months before your wedding, you should start to collect ideas. Around the 6 month mark, is when you should really start your wedding invitation process.

For save the dates, once your venue is booked, you should send out your save the dates. If you want to include an engagement photo, once that photo is in your hands, you should send out your save the dates.

Day of stationery should get started right after you mail out your wedding invitations at 2 months before your wedding. There's the wording of the program that will need to be address.


T. Aletta understands things can happen. If we are in the designing process of your stationery, and have to cancel your order, T. Aletta will refund 50% of your order total. Even if you have not seen your first digital proof. If you have signed off on your files for printing, a refund will not be given. Files have been sent and supplies have been ordered.