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About T. Aletta

With a background in fine art and a decade-long career as a design professional, Tricia A. Heagle has a true passion for combining the worlds of art and design to create fabulous event stationery.

Tricia’s passion for high-quality products and design is evident in her work. Her line of raw materials are made in the USA and of the highest quality, and all of her designs are original creations. The results are unique, creative, one-of-a-kind event stationery. Plus, when you inquire about our printing and assembling service, Tricia makes each and every piece by hand, ensuring there is not a lemon in the bunch.

You wouldn’t skimp on other parts of your wedding,
why would you skimp on the first impression your guest will see?

Tricia Aletta Heagle with her other two passions, daughters, Mila and Kira and husband, Michael.

​Photo by Bonnie Allen 2016